6 of the Best MAC Lipstick Colours by Style Lobster

November 5, 2015


MAC is a firm favourite with everyone at the Lipcote office and beauty addicts alike. As you all probably know MAC offer a huge amount of lipstick colours and work great with Lipcote, leaving a perfect smudge free lip all day.

Blogger and beauty extraordinaire Style Lobster has given her top 6 MAC lipstick colours and lets us in on why she loves them. This post is featured on her amazing blog, where she gives an insight to her beauty filled life, she also has a new exciting YouTube channel, so make sure you check it out.

Over to Emily…






Finish: SATIN

Description: This is my go to nude. For years I really struggled with mastering the nude lip but I finally found solace in this lipstick. HUE has a pinky base and works well on blue and rosey based skin tones. The slightly sheer, gloss finish is the key to perfect this nude lip. I prefer to apply sparingly and dab allover so the colour sits lightly on the lip. This also removes some of the glossiness so it looks a little more matte and ensures no cakiness which only accentuates chapped lips! Remember to use plenty of lip balm before hand!




Finish: SATIN

Description: This is a satin lipstick with a creamy finish. The satin range are the most moisture rich of the MAC Lipsticks. It has a milky chocolate colour with a slight pinkiness to it which works really well with my skin tone. Double Shot is the only brown I wear and I find this lippie really versatile and initially bought it because I was having a babes of the 90’s fan moment. You can read more about how I put this colour to use in my Brown lip 3 ways blog.

THE REDS: When I do a red lip I don’t use just 1 x colour, I use 3. These next two lipsticks are part of the triple threat I use in compiling the perfect red lip!




Finish: MATTE

Description: I chose this lipstick as my one purchase from the Iris Apfel x MAC Collaboration in 2011. I really love this colour because it sits on the fence between orange/reds and pink/reds, there is such a fine line!! Either way, it’s a really BOLD hue in every sense of thE word and has the power to perk up the most washed out, tired looking faces.




Finish: MATTE

Description: I went on the hunt for that covetable, tropical orange-red lipstick shade that lots of girls with lovely latino skin seem to pull off so well. I was determined to find an orangey-red that would suit me and this is it. Lady Danger is a red matte lipstick. Like all Mac’s lipstick she is super pigmented and packs a powerful punch. LD is part of my red lipstick trio; I add her last to the centre of my lips when building a red lip to create a 3D effect to the look. Because LD is the lightest of the three reds I use.





Finish: SATIN

Description: Rebel is the newest lipstick to my MAC lineup. I have been coveting this lipstick for ages and when MAC announced that it had returned I didn’t hesitate to snap it up. The colour is difficult to describe, but then that’s what makes me all the more attracted to a lipstick. There is a plummy element but also a fuchsia lurking beneath the darker purple stain. As a one layer lipstick she looks very pink and you really need to build and dab the layers to bring out Rebels darker side, where my next choice comes in….



Finish: SATIN

Description: I had a slight gothic phase at the start of uni, spurned on mostly by my love for my MaryKate Olsen. Cyber is one of the only survivors of that period. A dark almost black purple in the tube, on skin she is a true deep purple. Mixed with Rebel and she marries with Rebels pinkiness to create a multidimensional gradient lip which brings out rebels darker side! Try it!

As you can see most of my favourite MAC lipsticks have grown out of some gorgeous combinations. I love an ombre lip, a gradient lip, experimentation is one of the best things about makeup and I urge you next time you reach for your favourite lippie to look at trying out something new, you might just find the next best thing!


F: StyleLobster

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