A Happy Nude Year to You!…A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Lipstick Brand: Bourjois

Lipstick Colour: Happy Nude Year

Price: £8.99

Lipcote Rating: 4/5

As far as liquid lipstick ranges go, the Rouge Edition Velvet from Bourjois is definitely one of our favourites! We were lucky enough to try out the new shade, Happy Nude Year, which will put you into a celebratory mood well before the end of December! Keep your eyes peeled for this silky, creamy pink to hit UK shelves in the very near future.

As we’ve noticed the nude lip trend take hold in the latter part of this year, this soft peachy pink and beige blend is a gorgeous compromise for those not willing to convert to totally sand like nudes this Autumn. There is a neutral undertone to this colour, meaning it works across skintones and injects a bit of soft rose glow into even the darkest of natural lips due to its great pigmentation.

The word ‘velvet’ is completely spot on with this range name, as we can’t get over how sumptuously soft our lips feel after hours of wearing this. The incredible lasting power along with Lipcote is something we raved about first time round with the ‘Ole Flamingo’ pink in the same range, and Happy Nude Year is no exception. We can’t rave about the smell of this formula though as it is a little synthetic. However the precise sponge applicator and chic see through packaging mean this slight downside can be easily overlooked.

A fantastic all-rounder, and an instant classic amongst us at Lipcote, we are sure this new addition to the collection will keep you interested in the Rouge Edition Velvet family for the foreseeable future! X