Amplified Passion! A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Brand Name: MAC Lipstick

Colour: Impassioned

Price: £14

Lipcote Rating: 5 / 5

It’s back to MAC for another cult classic colour from them, and a lippie we’ve long wanted to try…

Impassioned is a bright, almost neon, coral-tinged pink. It’s in MAC’s lipstick category ‘Amplified Creme’, which means it’s slightly more satiny than their matte finishes, but still densely pigmented with no frost, shimmer, or shine. It really is a gorgeous shade, and it’s so easy to see how this colour has built up a loyal following! With slightly warm undertones, the modern creme finish, and MAC’s signature vanilla scent, Impassioned flatters everyone, and gives a bold injection of colour to any makeup look. And because of its almost neon-fluorescent qualities, it makes a great impact as a fun alternative to more sophisticated red or fuchsia. We love it with a pared-down look – mascara, polished skin and little-to-no blusher – as it really speaks for itself!

We’d love to say it’s a surprise how much we love this lippie, but there really is a reason why MAC is so many women’s go-to brand for lipsticks! And as always, for your chance to win it, plus a Lipcote, enter via the Competitions App on our Facebook page!

Love, Lipcote x