Award winning lips Ri Ri style – A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 4, 2015


Brand Name: MeMeMe Satin Lip Cream

Colour: Thalia

Price: £8.50

Lipcote Rating: 3.9 / 5

One of our favourite fashionistas Rihanna, was rocking a deep plum lip at the Grammys last weekend, and it inspired us to give it a try ourselves!

MeMeMe is a cosmetics brand sold online and in Superdrug stores, with a wide and affordable range of cosmetics. The lipstick is satiny (as the name would suggest!) and smooth, and the shade we’ve gone for to emulate Rihanna’s look is a rich plum, a mix of purple, red and black.

First things first – it IS dark! But don’t let that put you off! We found the best way to make sure this wasn’t too scary was to blot, blot, blot – it takes away the deep pigmentation and leaves you with the beautiful plum colour, with none of the black undertones. This really is a luxuriously deep colour, and to stop it creeping into Morticia Addams territory, you need to keep your makeup modern. Make sure your skin is even and bright with a good base, and use a bronzer instead of blusher, as you will need something to warm up your skin against the dark lips, but a pink or red blush will clash with the lippie. Eye makeup should be kept to a minimum, with maybe a dusting of neutral or beige-gold eyeshadow, and black mascara – any more dark eye makeup will make this look gothic, not what we’re going for! Eyebrows however can be as strong as you like. Balancing your features like this will keep you looking fresh and on trend! And like Rihanna, make sure you sweep Lipcote around the lip line before painting in the rest of the lips to stop any bleeding or feathering.

We like this lipstick, and although it’s strong, it made us feel really confident once we’d got used to it – maybe that’s the Rihanna effect! Look out for it in this month’s Lucky Lipcote Draw…

Love Lipcote x