Beauty Gossip with…Meryl Fernandes! A Lipcote Interview

November 5, 2015


Lipcote: You’re naturally gorgeous – what’s your beauty secret?

Meryl:  Ha!! Thanks!! Well,to be totally honest I’m a bit lazy when it comes to beauty stuff. Usually because I’m too impatient to spend anymore than 10 minutes on my face or looking into a mirror! I get told I look younger than my years quite a bit, and I still get ID’d in Sainsbury’s (I also get 18 year old boys chatting me up!). As an actor, I’ve always played younger characters. When I first went into Eastenders nearly 4 years ago, Afia was 19 and in real life I was 28 at the time. Some might say it’s good genes. My parents do look a lot younger than their ages but it could also be that (here comes the secret bit), since the age of 16 I have always used a moisturiser with an SPF in it. I’m obsessed with a £3 moisturiser from Superdrug which I have sworn by. It’s a Vitamin E SPF 15 Radiance Moisture cream. I think it’s really important to protect your skin everyday from UVA and UVB rays. It’s also a radiance cream with light reflecting particles so it gives you a dewy, fresh, healthy look. I always dab a bit extra on to my cheekbones after I’ve applied my makeup.


What’s in your make up bag and what can’t you live without?

I have a Nars concealer, A Nars blusher in Gina, MAC Mascara ‘False Lashes’ in extreme black, eyeliner and about (I’ve just counted) 8 different matte MAC lipsticks depending on my mood, bit obsessed! I also always carry my moisturiser and Simple wipes so I can refresh every now and again. And I can’t  live without my iPhone charger, that is also in my make up bag! Oh, and Lipcote!



Top to toe, what’s your ultimate party look?

My party look definitely changes depending on what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling. At the moment I’m really into just a dab of mascara and a strong lipstick. Sort of super minimal with a punch of colour. I’m obsessed with MAC’s Flat out Fabulous which is a deep fuchsia, purple-ish colour. VERY LOUD!



What the best piece of beauty advice you’ve been given?

I’ve never worn foundation. I’m not really into it. I think you can always tell when people are wearing it and I definitely prefer the more natural look. However I do wear concealer where I need to, on blemishes or under the eyes, blended in.  Skincare is important. Exfoliating is so important. I use Clinique’s exfoliating scrub which is the best. I think it’s important to steam too, oh and take vitamin C. Everyday beauty in my opinion has got so extreme these days with false eyelashes, false nails and fake tan’s, it’s time to embrace being natural again… I always believe less is more.



Thank you Meryl, you’ve given us the tips to look after our skin for a more natural look, and encouraged us to perfect some statement lips to see us through the party season!  


Love, Lipcote x