Brilliant Loveheart 3 Step Lip Care System

November 5, 2015


Photo credit: Wishtrend

Price: $17.40

Lipcote Rating: 4/5

As you lipstick lovers are already aware, caring for and protecting your lips when it’s cold outside is essential. Now that we’re entering the coldest, and some would say dreariest part of the year, we once again have gone on the hunt for lip care products that will keep our pouts plump, smooth and happy!

Trawling beauty sites and blogs (as you do), often leads you to unexpected and new brands or products to try, which is how we stumbled across the novel ‘lip care system’ by Korean Brand ‘Brilliant’. What makes this system so unique is a kooky little lip shaped, translucent mask as step 2. We took one look at the funny pictures across the net of people trying it, and just had to give it a go!

 Step 1: Lip Mask

 Confusingly named ‘lip mask’, step 1 is actually a gentle exfoliant that you leave on for 1-2 minutes to feel the full benefits. We diligently rubbed this fairly thick, white paste on to our lips and let it sink in. Notably, this doesn’t have any harsh, scrubbing effect when applied, but once wiped off with a damp flannel our lips were considerably smoother, and already a little healthier looking.

 Step 2: Lip Gel Patch

 This floppy, gel-like lip shaped patch is sealed within a tear pouch, and is meant to be placed over the whole mouth for 15-20 minutes, a perfect excuse to lie back, relax, and let it work its magic! After we stopped giggling at how silly we looked with it, the cooling, nourishing properties of the mask started to take full effect. We highly advise using this whole system at the beginning or end of the day after a good shower or bath and in full chill out mode. You can easily peel the mask off once finished with some moisturising ‘residue’ still left over if you want to give your face a gentle wipe.

 Step 3: Lip Essence

 Housed in a typical lip balm tube, the lip essence is like another cream with a slight pink tint to enhance the final finish. We adore the peachy yoghurt-y type fragrance and it feels light and fresh on the mouth. After a hunt for the ingredients list in English we discovered that the lip care system’s key ingredients include; Macadamia oil to restore cracked lips; peach and raspberry extracts, sources of fruit acids to keep lips smooth; grape seed oil which has antioxidant properties and Allantoin, a natural compound which soothes skin.

 The light pink and brown simplistic packaging for this system is very chic and adds to this brands exclusive appeal over here in the UK. You may need to invest a little in trying these products out, but seeing as we’ve not come across something similar in the UK yet, we highly recommend it! X