Browcote – As Seen on Channel 4!

January 18, 2017 Tags: ,,,,,


Topping off an amazing launch year for Browcote, we were thrilled when shopping guru, personality and¬†inspirational entrepreneur Mary Portas was seen sampling a touch of Browcote on her 2016 round up episode of ‘What Britain Buys’ series – C4. Meeting with Simon Comins, Commercial Director of Superdrug, Mary gave us a try in response to the latest most important beauty trend, brows! We all know #thebrowisnow but have you tried Browcote yourself yet? Remember you can pick us up in any Superdrug or online at




Missed our feature and want to know what other shopping trends we’re buying into in Britain? You can watch this special episode on BBC iplayer¬†until 28th January.


Love Browcote x