Browcote x Troffle Chocolates Competition!

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A sweet surprise is always nice we like to think in the office during that 3pm workday slump, so imagine our delight when we discovered hand-made chocolate truffle company- Troffle.

Troffle pride themselves on being purveyors of finest dark chocolates filled with unique fondant flavours such as Turkish Coffee & Clove, Orange & Thyme Caramel and Rose. Their beautiful printed designs on each truffle really make them a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth, but before long a whole box was gobbled up over a tea break one sunny afternoon. What really struck us however, was how the lovely  blue tones of Troffle’s modern designs reflected the packaging of our very own new Browcote and it got us thinking….what if there were Browcote chocolates!?

After a lovely meeting where we picked our favourite flavours of Rose, Moroccan Mint and Turkish Coffee & Clove (all flavours had to be tested, just to be sure of course), we set to work on a personalised sleeve which we think works perfectly with the Troffle brand.


How do you like our customised Troffle boxes? Want one for your very own? To share of course…

Getting in the mood for sharing, we want you to:

  • Share this blog post publicly on Facebook or Twitter or take any of the photos to share on your Instagram
  • Tag whoever you think deserves a box of their own and hashtag #Browcotetreats so we can find you
  • We will gift 10 lucky winners with a box for them and a box for their friend!

Competition ends 01st October 2016 9pm GMT.

Good Luck! X

Terms and Conditions

All winners must be based in the UK

No entries to be considered past 9pm GMT 09.10.16

All entries must be on a public Facebook or Twitter post to be valid

All winners will be contacted directly. If no response is given within 7 working days, we reserve the right to pass on your prize to another contestant