CanineCote – our new pooch pampering product, coming soon!

April 1, 2017 Tags: ,,,,,,,


Brow inspiration comes in many forms; beauty blogs and online tutorials, celebs and models, friends, or even the most loyal of companions -our dogs!

 Silly cat videos are so last year, and it’s becoming less weird to admire the seemingly perfect brow shapes that our canine companions naturally show off. Refinery 29 even dedicated a whole article to these inspirational mutts, wondering which brow gel they use! Call us crazy, but many fans out there have pointed out to us that dog grooming parlours are taking off around the UK. In 2017, it’s now as important for pets to look as glam as their owner.  And you know what they say about dogs looking like their owners…is yours doing you any favours? We all know that even the most well trained dogs will let their hairs stray, so we thought it’s about time to get your Crufts-worthy pup looking just as ‘on fleek’ as your own brows!

Due to a flood of requests asking for fun, pet grooming alternatives and solutions to droopy brows, our new product development team have been busy working away at creating a simple, dog friendly version of Browcote that is safe to use on animals and will ensure both theirs and your hairs will stay, not stray. We have of course, always been against animal testing too, so Caninecote has been tested on humans to be gentle to animals. Making it the perfect choice for those pet lovers out there.

 No more wispy bits gone walkabout and getting in your dogs eyes, so you can both enjoy life looking great. With our new Caninecote, we promise your prize worthy pooch’s brows will stay looking neat and tidy the whole day.

We’re still in the scientific stages of development for Caninecote and welcome any suggestions on packaging and application ideas. Would you prefer a similar spoolie brush to our gel Browcote? Comment below! X