Celebrating British Makeup

November 5, 2015


As you may already know, Lipcote has been gracing ladies’ dressers and makeup kits for over 50 years now, first created in 1945 and now based in Oxford as a still family owned business. As a celebrated, cult British beauty brand, we are very proud of our heritage as part of esteemed British makeup and ways to perfect your beauty look. Since the beginning we have supported and been big fans of British makeup that offer us the look, quality and affordability (with a touch of luxury at times), that we demand from our fave lipsticks! Here’s our all-time favourites you can find reviewed on our Lipstick Finder and that you can easily buy today.



Rimmel and its infamous tagline of ‘Get the London look’ featuring iconic British supermodel Kate Moss, pretty much sums up this inspirational yet accessible cult brand. Kate as a quintessentially London rock chick embodies everything we love about Rimmel as it continues to provide us an array of wonderful lipsticks, never shying from trends but always a classic choice. The Kate Moss for Rimmel collection paired with Lipcote is a match made in heaven, staying put all day and night with a gorgeous smell and modest price tag to keep both purses and lips happy.



Founded in Basingstoke in 1856, Burberry is another high profile British brand that also has a makeup range, famous around the world with its classic signature prints. The lipstick range from Burberry is always a treat as the chequered design carries through both the packaging and embossing on the bullets themselves! So even from a distance, people will be able to spy your British makeup with more than a hint of luxury.


Charlotte Tilbury

As far as makeup artists go, Charlotte Tilbury is a British woman respected and revered amongst both industry insiders and the public alike. After 20 years experience as an artist and also consulting for other brands, it was only natural for Charlotte to develop her own ranges….and we can’t get enough! Discovering the matte lipstick range launch at Selfridges recently made our day, as the K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection is already a firm favourite in the Lipcote office.

As we enter the great London Fashion Week, one of the most important diary dates in the global fashion calendar, why not pair your show-stopping outfit with a jaw dropping British lipstick, to really wow the crowds! X