CEW Awards (Beauty Oscars) Demo Evening Goody Bag Top Picks!

November 5, 2015


Last week saw us once again attending the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) Demonstration Evening, a sort of ‘beauty Oscars’ type event that brings together all the major innovator brands and cult classics in industry to show off their latest ranges or remind beauty journalists of their timeless and status worthy products. We were really honoured and excited once again to be entering the ‘Best British Brand’ category, so keep your fingers crossed for the finalists announcement later in April!

One of the best parts of this Demonstration Evening is that all attendees take away a whopping goody bag full of a range of samples of the brands on show to go away and test and vote for. 2015 left us really impressed at the quality and standard of the brands promoting themselves, and the goody bag has to be one of the best ones yet….It was a super hard task going through the lotions, potions, creams and tools found in our incredible canvas tote, but someone’s got to do it *sigh. Here’s our totally un-biased round-up of Licpote’s ‘top picks’ from the CEW awards this year. You may just discover a new range or product that screams ‘try me!’ or perhaps we can nudge you again towards a trusted old friend, one of those must have products that never lets you down.


The Urban Retreat

 THE Lip Treatment £25.00

We didn’t realise the price tag on this little gem before we tried, but we have to say…it’s worth every penny. Lip ‘treatments’ are usually on the syrupy side, with deeply nourishing benefits and great as an overnight treat. The beauty of The Urban Retreat version is it can be used at any point in the day as a quickly absorbed, thick and creamy antidote to the dreaded chapped lip. As well as refreshing citrus oils the key ingredient here is ‘Sepilift DPHP’ which we understand to be a plant derived amino acid that can inhibit skins’ ageing process- fantastic! We found this to be an amazing primer for applying lipstick and Lipcote, and you can apply the formula all around the mouth for maximum benefit. We think the luxurious nature of this product makes it a great gift, and in a large enough pump bottle to see you through a good few months.


This Works

 Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil £39.50

Another luxurious treat from the ever reliable This Works collection, this deeply hydrating leg oil has already won awards and rightly so! Harnessing a blend of 9 essential oils such as evening primrose oil, and 7 cold pressed plant oils we feel like a totally pampered princess massaging this into our skin after a shower or bath. You only need a couple of pumps to slather on each leg to really feel the silky blend do its work, so the 120ml bottle at this price is sure to last a long time even with daily use. Another stand out product from a brand that hasn’t disappointed us since we first discovered them.



 Ultimate Oil £30.00

A newly discovered haircare brand, Kerastraight originally launched to offer in-salon and at home Brazilian straightening treatments but now caters to all dry, unmanageable or frizzy hair woes. The ultimate oil, in its sophisticated, yet unassuming bottle didn’t immediately grab our attention but from the first use we’re hooked! Along with its 9 specially blended oils to nourish, strengthen and help build shine along the hair shaft we were bowled over by how luscious the fragrance is. You can use this oil like any other hair serum, but afterwards your whole head is enveloped in a beautiful perfume, a comforting and sweet smell that makes you feel a million dollars aside from the oils obvious caring properties.




 Provocalips in Kiss Me You Fool £6.99

We’re already massive fans of Rimmel London, and their Provocalips range is our current favourite. The shade we found in our CEW goody bag was the outstanding Kiss Me Fool, quite possibly the most vibrant blue-toned red we’ve ever tested! We could go on and on about the incredible opacity and precision applicator of this range, but we’ve already given it the full review on our Lipcote Lipstick Finder. See more here.



 Luxe Face Paint Brush £11.50

As the beauty world goes ‘contour crazy’ and we’re all trying to master the sculpted faces a la Kim K and the like, it’s only natural to want the perfect tool to re-create this at home. Step up, Zoeva who’s brushes have already reached the dizzying heights of cult status in a few years. We were slightly unsure about using such a flat edged stumpy brush, but found it the ideal candidate for applying highlighter at the top of the cheekbones if you’re still a bit of a contour novice.


Little Ondine

 Nail Colour in Enchanting £8.50

Every Little Ondine nail shade has an intriguing story attached to it, such as: “She stepped into the bar with beaming confidence and strutted straight to the counter. As she walked, all eyes followed. Her enchanting presence could not be ignored.” Now this sounds like just the type of lady we’d love to emulate on any given night out, so this colour is a sure fire winner from the start! A sophisticated deep red-brown, the Little Ondine website also provides mood boards with each shade to gain some makeup and outfit inspiration, a lovely unique touch. We fell in love with this brand straight away as the packaging is oh-so cute, but with a modern appeal that doesn’t let it slide into ‘twee’ territory. Then we discovered the odour free, chemical free and wait for it, peel off qualities of them and realised just how innovative this new brand is. We love the fact that this is a fun, easy to use yet hardworking nail colour that both mum and child can enjoy together, and we’re eager to see how the brand develops.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading, let us know whether you’ve tried these products in the box below! X