Defiance in Coral!…A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Brand Name: Estee Lauder

Lipstick Colour: Defiant Coral

Price: £24.00

Lipcote Rating: 5/5

We’re already massive fans of the classic beauty brand Estee Lauder, but just had to try out the new ‘sculpting lipstick’ Pure Colour Envy range. In a heavyweight, modernistic rectangular packaging, we picked ‘Defiant Coral’- a shade with attitude!

As soon as you open the casing a lovely aroma greets you, a little like a fresh body moisturiser. With its Time-Release Moisture Complex which helps ‘capture and seal in hydration’, you really feel like you’re caring for your lips with a skincare product as well as beautifying your pout!

The colour is a lot pinker than the picture, and feels like a very sophisticated, soft coral. This could transition perfectly from a smart work outfit to a carefree beach look. We can just imagine this against dewy skin, a hint of peachy blusher and a slicked back hairdo. We were especially impressed by the sculpting aspect of the bullet, as the clever angles mean you don’t need a lip brush to apply and the formula hugs the curves of your mouth.

The texture is thick and plump with gorgeous pigment, and with a couple of blots between layers felt secure with Lipcote, making this a range we are sure to go back to again and again! X