DJ Nikki #NoRequests T-shirt, Lipstick and Lipcote Competition

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Meet DJ Nikki BeatNik – winner of ‘Best DJ’ at the UMA’s who has travelled to over 36 countries, is a mum and a leading female DJ and Producer.  Nikki is hosting a series of parties followed by vlogs and interviews with female DJ’s including Melody Kane, Kayper, Black Russian, Emily Rawson and many more.

Nikki is also a huge Lipcote fan so keep reading for a chance to WIN DJ Nikki’s favourite lipstick followed by the Beatnik X Lipcote #NoRequests T-shirt, and a top up of Lipcote of course! But first, we couldn’t wait to get more of an insight into Nikki’s music journey and tips she has for female DJs.


You are a DJ and Producer who has worked all over the world, how did you get into DJing?

I started DJing at a very young age, at 16 I was already fascinated by the DJ culture, clubbing, house and hip-hop music. It was the late 80s and early 90s when the UK had the best clubs and nightlife. It was a very exciting time musically and nightlife was thriving. I remember DJ’ing throughout University wherever there were any parties or clubs willing whilst studying Art and Fashion at University. London and Manchester in particular were on fire!

I decided I wanted to push my DJing career, so I started promoting and DJing parties with my mates which lots of cool people came to, from Pharell and Alicia Keys to Madonna and Missy Elliot. I started building up a following and a name and over the years it built and led to touring for Ministry of Sound, becoming Kelis’ Tour DJ and being booked to DJ at many amazing events from private parties for Guiseppe Zanotti and Beyonce, to parties for MTV, British Fashion Awards, Elle Style awards, to spinning at Glastonbury, Bestival and Isle of Wight festival.

Whats the Best Piece of advice you would give to young girls who want to succeed in music? 
I would say only do it if you don’t want to do anything else because it can be really, really hard. I was always good at music and art so I knew I wanted to do something in the arts but how you translate that to a career is a little harder. I wasn’t really aware of how hard or cut-throat the music industry can be. I didn’t go to stage school or have an agent which many of my friends in creative fields had, so I really fell into the industry part when all I wanted to do was be a DJ! DJ’s had very little solid career paths when I started, now I feel like there are more solid foundations for women and girls wanting to be DJ’s as there are a lot more doing it.
Basically, if you want to take music as a full time job and career, just be prepared for many ups and downs. It’s very much a marathon and gigs come and go, so once you have done a gig, it’s in the past and you start all over again on your next show. You might be potentially an amazing singer or keyboard player and still not make a decent living at it, conversely- there are many people who aren’t that talented making a killing as DJ’s or who don’t even really DJ live. The music world is strange right now. I would say always chase your dreams because you can definitely make them happen 100% if you work hard. Also don’t be afraid to say no if something doesn’t sit right with you. Women tend to be more worried about speaking up and saying no- don’t be! Also have fun because sometimes the pressure to succeed in everyday life makes us forget to actually enjoy the moment. Music is a wonderful art form and DJing music that makes people have fun is a great feeling.
Tell us about your new Beatnik & Lipcote #NoRequests T-Shirt ? What is the idea behind the design? 
The #NoRequests tshirts are designed by my Brother Statis, the other half of Beatnik. Together we make records, DJ, vlog about DJ life in London and design tshirts and other cool stuff. We both come from design backgrounds so we have made this tshirt in conjunction with Lipcote as an homage to DJ’s who get asked for crazy/funny/ridiculous requests when DJing- which happens a lot! It is a tongue in cheek slogan tee, primarily for DJ’s or musicians but also for anyone who just wants to say ‘No Requests’ today, sorry! It translates to every day life pretty well…
Lastly, we would love to hear more about your BeatNikTV Vlog…
We do a vlog a few times a week all about DJ life in London and also we have created a DJ glossary for up and coming DJ’s on our channel so that new DJ’s or existing ones can quickly grasp all the terms used in our industry. Actually, not just for DJ’s, for producers too. We are also going to be featuring lots of other DJ’s and producers in a series based around the Beatnik & Lipcote #NoRequests tshirts, vlogging their lives and asking interesting questions so people can see what the music industry is like from our point of view. We hope everyone enjoys!
You can WIN yourself a #NoRequests T-shirt, Nikki’s favourite NYX Full Throttle Lipstick in ‘Up The Bass’ which is cruelty-free and of course Lipcote to make sure it keeps it sealed.
To Enter, simply share this post and tag us @Lipcote and @DJNikkiBeatnik when you do. Remember your post needs to be public for us to see!
We will pick our favourite and announce by Friday 04th November 10am GMT.