Enjoying the En-Joystick!…A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Lipstick Brand: Kardashian Beauty

Lipstick Colour: Retro Red

Price: £10.95

Lipcote Rating: 4/5

We wanted to carry on our obsession with lipsticks in a stick or pen-like design, and the Kardashian Beauty ‘En-Joystick’ seemed like the next best option to test! With a promise of lasting ‘through all the fun and games’, we had high expectations of the beauty brand from one of the most famous surnames around right now.

As we gladly bask in the UK’s scorching temperatures this week, the thought of lipstick slipping down our face in the heat is a nightmare, so we found this creamy formula pleasingly long-lasting. A little tip is to leave it in the side compartment of your fridge to ensure a sharp nib for application. With a swipe of twist-up colour, you gain a true opaque finish, and with some Lipcote over the top it leaves your lips supple and moisturised, but secure.

There is a subtle yellow undertone to the Retro Red shade, so the overall shade is perfect for warm skintones or summery outfit choices. We can imagine it looking super sweet with a fresh white dress and some delicate gold jewellery. Or perhaps you could team this with some slick skinny jeans and a casual t-shirt for daytime cool dressing.

At a moderate price for a decent amount of product, although the pearlescent casing is slim, this pen should certainly see you through the summer months!  Our first dip into the Kardashian Beauty line, widely available already in the States, we’re certainly in the mood to ‘En-Joy’ more. X