#FESTIVELIPFIX Lipstick Finder Treasure Hunt

December 20, 2016 Tags: ,,,,,,,,


Hello lipstick lovers!

Have you discovered our Lipstick Finder yet?

Each week we have the horrible (read: AMAZING) work task of writing unbiased, honest reviews on the latest lipsticks, from designer to high street. Looking at price point, finish, colours to match different skin tones and unique packaging, our easy-to-use search engine for lipsticks is all you need to ensure you find your perfect match all year round.

In the 5 days of Christmas from 21st December- Christmas Day, we will be revealing each day a treasure hunt style giveaway where it will be up to you to work out which lippy from our Lipstick Finder is up for grabs! You can filter reviews and listings by all the categories to the left of the Finder including; Price, Colour, Undertone, Finish etc. This should help you get to the answer quickly! Once you’re sure you have picked the right lipstick and would love to win it, simply comment below that review with our special hashtag #FESTIVELIPFIX

To give you a head start, below is Day One:


Tomorrow we will be revealing the clues that go along with this moodboard over on our Facebook page at 10am. So make sure you are one of the first to start hunting! For even more clues, please check out our Burgundy & Purple Pinterest board which may just have a sneak peek of the lipstick to be won posted somewhere…


Love, Lipcote x


P.S Browcote will be revealing a #SETYOURSELFIE themed giveaway over on Instagram from December 28th!