Forget January Blues, Bring On the Orange! A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Brand Name: KIKO Cosmetics

Lipstick Colour: 508 ‘Orange’

Price: £6.90

Lipcote Rating: 4/5


Here is another lipstick from the Luscious Cream range by KIKO Cosmetics, an Italian bred brand that is fast becoming a favourite of us in the Lipcote office!

We picked a bright shade to lift the January blues, Shade 508 simply named ‘Orange’. The texture is a creamy matte, with a medium opacity, great if you don’t want the caked on look for everyday wear! We found the colour to be less ‘intense’ than it promises, but the ‘sublime gliding texture’ is certainly apparent and feels like your lips are being wrapped in a luxurious formula. This is even more special considering the affordable price point, along with its well designed, modernistic silver packaging!

KIKO have really emphasised the science behind the ingredients in this range and especially the ‘K2 Repulp’ multi-function formula which claims to work on three levels; ‘Moisturizing’, ‘Energizing’ and ‘Age-Preventing’. These are three traits we are glad to see in such a widely available lippy at this colder time of year when moisture, energy and halting ageing of the skin are highly sought after.

This yellow toned orange would work great with tan or olive skins to enhance their natural glow and perk up a winter’s wardrobe. We really want to get our hands on the rest of the range now! X