Glamour On The Go: Our top 5

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It’s holiday season which has us dreaming up scenes of sunshine and cocktails without any worries in the world. The thought of a last-minute getaway is incredibly alluring, however, the realisation of packing isn’t always as exciting…

Not to worry – we have the 5 Must-haves that are easy to use and have an instant effect so you can achieve a glamorous look from head to toe and be ready in a few minutes.


Whether it’s a weekend city break or a hot holiday with the girls, here are our recommended fool-proof products!


  1. Bamboo Smooth – Kendi Oil, Dry Oil Mist £20.50

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Kendi Oil is a lightweight, instantly absorbing hair mist with Kendi Oil and eco-certified Bamboo extract. Not only does it banish frizz, and impart some serious shine but most importantly protects hair colour in the sun from harmful UV rays. Simply spray evenly on the ends and enjoy a naturally glamorous good hair day by the beach in a few sprays.


  1. Browcote – Waterproof Brow Sealer £6.99



Browcote is our very own brand new product. Not only does it tame your brows and set brow make-up for hours, it’s also an ideal waterproof gel to keep your brow game strong poolside. With a new bristle brush applicator, simply brush through the brows and keep them in place for hours, wherever the journey takes you.

  1. Babyliss – Diamond Radiance, Heated Smoothing Brush £79.99



Now this one is for the ladies that really do not have the time and need a quick and easy method to get those frizzy waves in place. Babyliss have created an ingenius heated smoothing brush that we think gave us the ultimate in silky-smooth ‘swishy hair’ appeal! It’s extremely easy to use and we genuinely don’t think mornings will be the same hassle now we’ve got our hands on one. What’s great is that it cuts down on stuff to take in your suitcase when on the go, much better than relying on pathetic hotel hairdryers.

  1. Lipcote – The Original Lipstick Sealer


Of course we had to include a little plug for ourselves- the Original Lipstick Sealer. If stepping from that early morning flight and being whisked off to a sophisticated soireé, remember we’re your secret to a smudge, feather, fade and kiss-proof lipstick look.

  1. Vita Liberata – Body Blur £29.50


Not all of us are blessed with a bod like a bronzed goddess, so sometimes (read-always) it’s better to fake it and protect our precious skin! Body Blur really is a wonder product, creating an instant HD finish that lasted until shower time. It minimises blemishes, covers imperfections and smooths skintone on both body and face. We’ve also found that you can use this as make-up primer or mixed with foundation, to achieve a beautiful, warm glow.

Love, Lipcote x