Go Glow!….A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Lipstick Brand: Suqqu

Lipstick Colour: 09

Price: £27.00

Lipcote Rating: 5/5

Suqqu is a luxury beauty brand exclusive to Selfridges, and one that makes us feel a million dollars every time we splurge on their quality range of products.

The ‘creamy glow’ lipstick is a little known gem in the land of lipsticks, coming in 13 shades and truly treating the lips with its deeply nourishing and moisturising ingredients. The most loveable feature of this range is that it genuinely feels like you’re applying a lip balm rather than a lipstick formula. We still can’t quite believe how silky smooth it feels on the mouth, with an almost oily texture, and yet after a couple of blots and some Lipcote it seals perfectly for hours!

The shade 09 we chose to try is a warm terracotta nude. The pink tone gives it natural feel, enhancing the lip contours and creating a fuller pout. Encased in a slim, black casing this designer lipstick is sure to make you feel chic and sophisticated. Pair with a stripy Breton-style top and some big black shades, and match with a huge coffee for the perfect daytime laid-back look.

As a neutral pinky nude, this highly pigmented formula is suitable for a range of skintones, to really live up to its name and give a creamy glow to your lips! We are bowled over by the Suqqu range, and only wish we’d discovered it sooner. x