It’s Electric! A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 4, 2015


Brand Name: Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

Colour: Electric Pink Matte

Price: £15.50

Lipcote Rating: 4.3 / 5

A few weeks back, we wrote about how excited we were at the news that beauty brand Smashbox was being sold in Boots! So we made sure we got our hands on one of their cult-status lippies to review it for you…

The name Electric Pink Matte is pretty self-explanatory! It’s a bright, punchy pink with a matte finish. Although it’s incredibly bold, we’d say this is like the pink equivalent to a pillar-box red; it makes a statement and is openly crying out to be the centre of attention on your face! This means it calls for toned-down makeup everywhere else to really let it stand out, and not look dated or clown-like. The finish is matte, as you’d expect from the name, but it’s velvety and comfortable, unlike some mattes which can really dry out the lips. It is satisfyingly opaque in one coat, although two intensifies it ever so slightly and gives that real velvet finish we’re after. With Lipcote over the top this lippie lasted us all day and night, and was even still there the next morning when we woke up, which is what we call an investment piece! The packaging is cool and slick, with a black tube and the modern, minimalist Smashbox logo in white along the side.

We love this lipstick, and we’d recommend wearing it with the lightest sweep of mascara you dare, and just a dusting of blush, to look fresh and wide-awake. And as usual, for your chance to win it plus a bottle of Lipcote, look out over on our Facebook page now!

Good luck!

Love, Lipcote x