Kiss Kiss – A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 4, 2015


Brand Name: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Precious Colours Lipstick

Colour: 568 Rose Malicieux

Price: £22

Lipcote Rating: 4.0 / 5

With its signature gold and blue packaging and sumptuous products, Guerlain is the epitome of a luxury, high-end brand.

We wanted a sophisticated shade from this opulent product range, so we chose Rose Malicieux. We were expecting a deep magenta pinky-purple, but what we got was a slightly less bold purple-toned pink with a gold sheen. The metallic element to this lipstick was completely unexpected, and although it takes away some of that high-fashion drama that comes with bright, matte shades, it makes it flattering and an easier colour to wear. This gives it much more every-day appeal, which we decided to view as an advantage. Apply one layer and you’re left with a made-up but not overly darkened lip, 2 layers and you’re into more plummy territory. The more lipstick you build up, the deeper the colour goes, although it does increase the gold sheen too, which isn’t our favourite thing about this lippie. The tube is nothing less than you’d expect – a beautiful gold multi-faceted case with connotations of exotic and mysterious far-away cultures – and the lipstick is delicately scented with a sweet rose fragrance.

Overall although it wasn’t quite as expected, we think we’re onto a winner with this lipstick! It’s unashamedly luxurious and sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of extravagance for her lips, and her handbag! Look out for how to win it over on our Facebook page.

Good luck!

Love, Lipcote x