Kiyoko Lip Balm

November 5, 2015


Brand Name- Kiyoko

Price- 12,50 euros

Lipcote Rating- 5/5


Although the name connotes a more Asian influenced new beauty brand, this gorgeous lip balm actually hails from the Netherlands. Born out of the need for a beautifully packaged and 100% organic lip balm range, the Kiyoko makers spent months in the lab researching and testing the likes of cacao butter, vitamin E, lanolin and Japanese wax combined with a hint of honey to produce the finest, all natural, animal friendly hydrating balm.


We’re so in love with the chic, squeezy silver tube with minimal white and black labelling and a cute little slogan that reads ‘A lip balm that softens your lips on a summer night while celebrating something big’. Well, while the weather hasn’t quite reached summer highs, we’re still slathering this nourishing mix on our lips to keep the dreaded chapped pout at bay! This is one of four labels though, which is a really sweet touch and makes us want the whole collection.


Without a definite fragrance, we think this balm is a great all-rounder, and will be highly suitable for those with super sensitive skins. It also works as the perfect base or lipstick and Lipcote if you leave it to truly sink in first, and let the pure ingredients work their magic. Although there is limited stockists of this exclusive wonder balm, it’s very easy to buy online and we’re definitely going to keep watch on this Dutch gem for future developments. x