Let Your Lips & Cheek’s B.Vibrant!…A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Lipstick Brand: B at Superdrug

Lipstick Colour: Alecia

Price: £7.99

Lipcote Rating: 4/5

We’re always a sucker for multi-functional beauty products, helping us streamline our beauty routine when in a rush! The B.Vibrant Lip & Cheek colours from Superdrug are a perfect example of this, and the coral tinged pink ‘Alecia’ was our first try from the range.

Described as a ‘chubby’ twist up pencil, we found this stick slimmer than expected but dinky enough to fit in your makeup kit. We even twisted up the formula to reveal colour all the way down the tube, which is sometimes much shorter and a bit of a let down with other more expensive brands.

This concept is great for really ‘pulling together’ a fresh faced, spring to summer look! When it’s tricky to choose both a lip and cheek colour that compliment, this 2-in-1 solution is both convenient and oh so easy to use! We were worried that the shade on the lips wouldn’t stay because it’s so creamy and easily blendable, but with a dose of Lipcote the look stayed strong and had a lovely matte, vibrant effect!

We think this sunny pink will look great teamed with thick lashes and a dab on the cheeks for a warm, peachy flush. Another great point about this range is it’s vegetarian and vegan friendly. This, coupled with its reasonable price and lasting effect along with 5 colours to play with, make it a great SS14 product! X