L’Extrait is L’Extraordinary!…A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Brand Name: Guerlain

Lipstick Colour: Orgueil

Price: £31.50

Lipcote Rating: 5/5


Guerlain’s Rouge L’Extrait is marketed as a liquid lipstick so it has a doe foot shape, like a lipgloss.

The texture is velvety, slightly sticky and very pigmented. The lipstick is opaque on its first swipe. It isn’t moisturising but it isn’t drying either which can happen often happen with matte finishes. Like all of Guerlain’s products the scent is divine, expensive smelling with vanilla floriental notes and rose heart notes.

There are two ways to apply this lipstick (a day and night look). If you want the full-coverage, opaque look then you need to apply carefully, manipulating the formula around the lipline then filling in the middle. The other way, which is a lot easier, is to have a petal stained lip look. This takes half as much product and skill in application. Use your fingers to pat the product over your pout for a perfect petal stained lips. One thing that was a nuisance was this colour never dried fully. It transferred onto everything my mouth touched whilst wearing it; needless to say my boyfriend isn’t a fan.  However, with a brush of Lipcote it stopped the product transferring, making Lipcote a ‘must have item’ now!

J’Adore L’Xtrait, mostly because of the way it looks on my lips and the beautiful packaging. I feel so sexy in this colour, which is ORGUEIL, by the way. The blue undertones suit my pale skin and its deep ‘plumminess’ is just the right amount of vamp for a red lip. Guerlain Rouge L’Extrait is pure seductress. Vanity wins again…x

With thanks to our guest reviewer, Style Lobster

Instagram: @stylelobster