Lipstick Shapes: What Do They Say About You?

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Round, flat or slanted – who would have thought that the shape of your lipstick may say more about you than you can imagine.

We all know a good lippie can give us a huge confidence boost when getting ready for that special job interview or a romantic dinner date.

However, there is more to choosing the perfect shade or formula… Take a look at your lipsticks and line them up next to one another…

Chances are, no matter the lipstick choice – each shape is surprisingly identical and have moulded to your lip shape! So what do they actually mean?!

Rounded: The Naturally Glam

1 - Rounded Top

You have way too many lip balms in your handbag. No matter where you’re off to there’s always a time and a place to moisturise your lips. It’s not that you hate lipstick; you simply have a couple favourites and prefer using them on a special day like your birthday or a friend’s wedding. You’re not trying to impress anyone; you work effectively alone and never understood girls who wear a full Kim K face of make up day in, day out. Not only do you feel confident with a natural sun-kissed glow and no lippie at all, you probably have a yoga class to go to this evening and no time for applying lipstick!

Slanted top: The Poised to Perfection

  2 - Slanted Top

The shape of your lipstick is practically identical to when you bought it, apart from the fact you’ve used it quite a few times. Yeah, pretty much every day this week in fact. You love your lips defined and perfectly shaped, with help from a special lip brush. You don’t take risks often and love an organised drawer and wardrobe at home. You’re a true perfectionist and always have new pearls of wisdom to share with friends on how they should live life ‘properly’ or a new house rule to abide by. However, despite the poised to perfection persona, you’re a true softy at heart and would love to be taken care of in the same way that you are fiercely loyal to those you love.

Flat top: The Go-Getter

3 - Flat Top

You have applied your lipstick on the tube this morning, quick and easy, it’s never that big of a deal.  You have the hand skills of a ninja juggling lipstick, blotting tissue and Lipcote brush without a line smudged or drop spilt! You spend twenty minutes on your make-up every morning max, if that! It’s all about speed and efficiency for the flat-topped ‘go-getters’. You’re not afraid to press the bullet that little bit harder for that bold statement look. What a confident woman you are! You’re always busy and love a networking event or a last minute cocktail hour with a friend. You’re never loyal to one lipstick shade and would much rather try out a variety of  brands (perfectly matched from our Lipstick Finder, of course) If you fancy matching your lippie to that orange scarf of yours, you will.

Wrecked top: The Pretty Planner

4 - Wrecked Top

You love the search for the perfect  lipstick once a year and once that perfect shade has been found – that’s the one and only for you until the end, literally. You use it daily and wear it to work, night out and even on the weekend. You never let anything go to waste, and always finish  whatever task you have put your mind to. You will start and finish it all, religiously. More of a long-term relationship kinda person and enjoy a productive day in the office as well as a weekend away with your loved one. You’re a lipstick lover with a five year plan and a goal,  so if you’re ever late (because of someone else of course) you feel like everything is falling apart! You have lipstick on everyday and simply can’t imagine your days without it locked on without your trusty Lipcote.

What do you think, any of these sound like you?

Love, Lipcote x