Love Automatique! A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 4, 2015


Brand Name: Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lip Colour

Colour: 168 L’Heure Bleu

Price: £24.50

Lipcote Rating: 4.9 / 5

Guerlain’s Rouges Automatiques have long been a cult classic product in the beauty world. They were invented in 1936 with the express aim of creating a lipstick that only required one hand to apply, for busy women on the go, just like us! They’ve evolved to become an incredibly popular item, so we thought it was about time we reviewed one for you…

We chose the shade L’Heure Bleu, a pinkish red. The formula contains micro shimmers, which, although they don’t actually show as glitter in the lipstick, impart it with a luminosity and sheen that you don’t get from other lippies. When applied it’s smooth and creamy, and well pigmented, in a rich berry shade. What sets this lipstick apart from many others is that although the shade is rich and intense, it never gets too dark, because of the jelly-like formula – Guerlain calls this ‘Cristal Pigment’ and says this makes it ‘possible to obtain luminous, clear and pure colours with no white effect’. We’d normally not pay too much attention to how a manufacturer describes their lipstick, as it often sounds like a silly exaggeration, but in this case we’d have to agree that this description is pretty accurate! For application, we’d say to give this one a good blot before applying Lipcote, as although the pigment’s great, it can leave a film of moisture on the lips, which can inhibit Lipcote from working so well. The clever tube is also a big part of the innovation of this lippie – it’s designed in luxurious gold, and has a little slider button, which as you pull down, the trap door in the top opens and the lipstick bullet slides out. This means that you only need one hand to apply, leaving the other free for holding your mirror, talking on the phone, carrying shopping, and all the other thousands of things that us women manage to multi-task!

We’ve been won over by this clever, luxury lippie, and we’re sure this week’s winner will be too! As usual, look out for our lipstick giveaway over on our Facebook page to see how you can win it and a bottle of Lipcote.

Good luck!

Love, Lipcote x