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Valentine’s Schmalentines. We’re feeling the love every day of the year, especially for one of the most precious parts of our body..our lips of course!

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We all know that without a good canvas you can’t paint a pretty picture, and that lip and skin care is incredibly important so that we can wear our favourite lippy day after day, night after night without worrying about the effects.

Here’s our top tips for lip care to keep you smiling with confidence

  1. Hydrate! One of the most overlooked aspects of beauty regimes is how much water we intake on a daily basis. Even if you can’t wake up without a morning cup of Joe or a builder’s brew, remember that caffeine is a diuretic (meaning it stimulates your bladder and makes you pee), so even after a few cups you may be ending up less hydrated than before! Chase each cuppa with a refreshing glass. Alternatively, start the day with a glass of water before you reach for a comforting brew meaning your skin cells stay plumped up and your pout stays kissable. For an added boost, try a warm cup of water with a slice of lemon and ginger, a metabolism boosting and liver cleansing combination.hydrate, natural, model, beauty
  2. On that note, take note of your daily intake of tea and coffee as excessive consumptioncan lead to staining of the teeth. Of course it goes without saying, nicotine is the worst culprit for this!
  3. Put down the ciggy. We don’t want to preach, but just be mindful that as well as the obvious health implications smoking can quickly cause wrinkles around the mouth area, not to mention the effect on breath and even your sense of taste.exfoliating lips, exfoliate,
  4. Exfoliate! Most of us love experimenting with new lip balms, oils and masks which are a definite treat and should certainly stay as part of your daily lip care routine. However, not many of us consider using a gentle lip scrub on a weekly basis to get rid of any excess skin cells and to encourage the body to renew itself in this delicate area. If you don’t want to shell out on the high street, you can make a formula to your own liking with a simple blend of coconut or olive oil and a sprinkle of sugar. Gently massage into the lips and around the mouth area, leave for a few minutes and then wipe off with a flannel. We recommend doing this before bed and slathering on a rich oily balm to wake up with kissable lips fit for an angel.Lipsticks, lipcote,
  5. When choosing your lipstick (our Lipstick Finder can help you with that!) consider how much moisturising impact you want it to have. When choosing a matte finish, try using a non oily balm to prep the lip area and blotting off after a few minutes before applying lipstick, blotting again and using a thin layer of Lipcote for all day comfort and staying power.

Happy Valentines lipstick lovers! X


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