Mademoiselle Robot|What’s in your Makeup Bag?

November 5, 2015


Images by Mademoiselle Robot

We have recently spoken to beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Mademoiselle Robot, to find out what she currently has in her makeup bag and quizzed her about her beauty regime, tips and what’s on her wishlist this Christmas.

Tell us about your beauty regime…

My beauty regime is rather simple: It is all about moisturising! I take great care of my skin, especially as I get older. I also think that if my skin looks nice and healthy, I don’t have to spend too long on my make-up, since my favourite way of getting ready is to stick on some lipstick and go!

What is your all time favourite lip care product?

I like Eve Lom’s lip care range, but my ultimate favourite is Nuxe “Reve de Miel” lip balm. It is super rich and hydrating. Failing that, good old Carmex also does the trick!

What is your favourite lipstick at the moment?

At the moment, I love gloss to matte textures and I particularly enjoy Hourglass in “Icon” shade. It is a beautiful blue red.

Top beauty tip…

Give your skin a break, let it breathe from time to time. When it comes to makeup, less is more.

What product is on your Christmas stocking wishlist?

I would quite fancy trying out the NARS naked palette as I have been experimenting with smokey eyes quite a bit recently. Other than that, I am a big Byredo fan, so perhaps a new fragrance? I usually wear Bal d’Afrique or Mojave Ghost from their line.

What A/W trend are you loving this season?

I tend to not pay much attention to trends in general, but of course I am still influenced by the current runway vibes – I like the Fall colourways in general, deep red wine, forest green and navy add a little “colour” to my otherwise rather black wardrobe.

What are your top five beauty essentials?

– Night cream: repairing my skin overnight is a must

– Fragrance: I love the idea of a signature scent, something that keeps me on people’s minds

– Hydrating spray: I travel a lot and airplane air doesn’t do anything for anyone. This is the most convenient solution to stay moisturised while flying

– Red lipstick: because it always elevates my outfits, (I always finish with Lipcote on top)

– Eyebrow pencil: to make me look a little more polished when necessary

Your most expensive beauty item/product?

My perfume is definitely a splurge, considering what I usually spend on beauty products (not too much). I think you can get some really great stuff on a smaller budget these days.

Your cheapest beauty item/product?

My bourjois blusher! £5.99 and lasts forever.

What celeb do you think always has amazing make up? Are you influenced by them?

I don’t really look to celebrities for makeup… If I had to pick icons I would say I am influenced most by classic Hollywood ladies.