Nude Lipsticks

November 5, 2015


It has been noted that for the first time in three years nude lipsticks are outselling reds.

The red lipstick has always been a classic and a must have in any woman’s makeup bag, with it being the first go to colour for any lipstick wearer. Nude sales figures have risen compared to this time last year and Spring/ Summer 2014 saw a trend for more natural and sheer tones. At first beauty journalists didn’t know what to do with these runway looks, where were the bold obvious trends? Us Lipcote girls were wondering the same, wanting bright lipsticks to talk about and try. However we looked closer and it inspired us (and others), to go out and find the perfect nude lipstick. Something suited to an everyday look or teamed with a dark, smokey eye. At first you may think nude is one colour but once we started to explore we saw brands introduce a whole range of nude collections, coming in all different variations with exciting twists on ‘boring beige’.  Celebrities such as Nigella Lawson and Kim Kardashian took to the trend and have helped the rise in sales.

The problem with finding the perfect nude lipstick is either it making you look washed out or being too dark and looking like a bad 90s throwback mistake. To find your perfect match, celebrity makeup artist Adam Breuchaud suggests using ‘the wrist test’ . Adam says to “test the hue by swiping it on the underside of your wrist, at the bottom of the palm of your hand. The color should be one or two shades darker than the skin there.”

A lot of makeup artists use foundation as a base, wiping out the original lip colour and laying the nude lipstick on top to create an opaque look.

We have trialed three of the nudes from The Lipcote Lipstick Finder…

Maybelline in Sultry Sand is the palest of the three lipsticks. At first layer it can look pale on the skin, once blotted it gives a subtle effect with a light pink sheen. This shade has a real 1960s era feel, to pair with classic smokey eye makeup or ‘cat eyes’, with a flick of black eyeliner.



L’oreal Color Riche Collection Barely Golden is a warm pink nude. It instantly makes lips look plump and luscious without too much of a gloss effect. Once blotted, and two layers applied, Lipcote tones down the shimmer effect slightly but does not affect the shape enhancing properties of this hue. Overall, you are left with a gorgeous full pout but one you can easily wear day to day without being too overbearing.



Bossy from new brand on the block MDMFlow is buildable, going from an easy to work sheer nude to an opaque apricot in a couple of layers. ‘Bossy’ will probably have more impact and contrast on darker skintones, but equally suits paler skin for an everyday ‘natural’ make-up look. A slick of Lipcote helps keep this look in place, with only minimal blotting needed between layers of lipstick as the finish is fairly matte.



Finding the right nude lipstick for you is definitely worth it in the end.