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We’ve felt very reflective the past couple of months. Autumn is also traditionally a time, as the seasons change that we set new goals and look back at the past months as the year draws to a close. It’s certainly been a very exciting year for us in the Lipcote office.  Welcoming new gel Browcote to our ‘fix it’ family and having it nominated for three industry awards has kept us smiling!

Browcote was formulated as a natural next step for us, and as Lipcote is at the forefront of lipstick trends we felt that 2016 is very much the ‘Year of the Brow’ and created a new gel that is totally safe to use around the delicate eye area but sticking to our trusty blend of all natural ingredients. Sometimes the best piece of advice is to keep things simple.

As Lipcote has been passed down generations of lipstick lovers for decades, and Browcote is set to be the next future beauty classic, we think it’s high time we celebrated the cherished pieces of advice received from mothers, grandmothers, aunties, friends and more, on the best way to feel confident in your own skin.

Do you agree with the below? We’d love to hear more of your beauty ‘pearls of wisdom’!

Skaiste Pakylnyte, blogger at Scent of Blanc

“My mum has been a hairdresser for many years now and has always had a great tip for hair I’ve stuck to for life.  Her tip is simple; have coconut oil in your house at all times. Not only is it tasty for cooking – but you can use it as hair oil to treat dry and damaged ends.”

skaiandmum skaiandmum2

Teresa Havvas, Sales & Marketing Director of Lipcote

My mum has passed down the following mantras. Plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and when it comes to make up, less is more.  Cover up a little here and there but don’t mask yourself. Natural beauty is something that’s enhanced from from within and  shines outward.  For a boost, of course red lippy and Lipcote – I genuinely discovered Lipcote in my mum’s make up bag, and she from her Auntie.”


Daria Wilcocks, Marketing Assistant, Lipcote

“My mum is lucky enough to have naturally amazing skin but has passed down her attitude towards caring for it. I’m pretty religious about moisturising and always clean every last scrap of makeup off before bed! If you have spots, to only touch them with clean hands, some surgical spirit and a tissue. She’s also a pro at a smokey eye and has taught me the art of applying lipstick in a couple of swipes.”


We also had some lovely suggestions from our Twitter followers:

“Use a primer underneath foundation for a flawless finish.”

“Never use soap on your face, it’s too harsh on your skin! Use a facial wash product, or just water.”

“Use a face mask once a week”


Love, Lipcote x