Prime Time!…A Lipcote Lip Care Review

November 5, 2015


Lipstick Brand: LOLA by Perse UK

Lipstick Colour: Lip Primer

Price: £12.00

Lipcote Rating: 4/5

As we all know, prepping your skin before applying makeup, is a great way of creating the perfect base and helping your look stay perfect all day. There’s a few specialist lip primers on the market at the moment, but we decided to try one from a new favourite brand of ours right now, LOLA by Perse UK.

We’ve already shouted about the fantastic matte lipstick range from this brand exclusive to Marks & Spencers, but decided to put their lip primer to the test for ultimate staying power!

The formula comes in the same form as a lipstick in a formed bullet, with a white opaque lip balm like quality but does not leave white marks on the lips. With bold claims about ‘softness and volume’ on the packaging, we were surprised at just how pillowy and plump our lips felt after a minute or two! The formula isn’t harsh though, and feels very natural under your favourite lip shade.

The nourishing quality of this primer is certainly a bonus, with the added yummy marshmallow scent adding to this product’s sweet appeal! We found this primer worked best under satin-matte and matte lip colours, especially coupled with the LOLA lipsticks themselves. There was a noticeably smoother texture to the lips after a couple layers of lipstick, with Lipcote added on top it could just be the ticket to the perfect budge-proof pout! X