Red Velvet Dream! A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Brand Name: Lime Crime Velvetines

Colour: Red Velvet

Price: £11.50

Lipcote Rating: 5 / 5

We reviewed the gorgeous orange-coral shade, Suedeberry, from the Velvetines range a while back, but this vintage red one was too good to resist…

Red Velvet is a true retro red. It lives up to its name, ‘Velvet’, as it applies as light as air, and dries down to a brilliantly soft, matte, velvet finish. Although it’s not a neon or particularly vivid shade, it has a bright quality to it which imparts a look of glowing light on the lips – hard to describe but a little bit like the effect of the soft flocking in a velvet dress or curtain – and this makes it fantastically flattering on the skin, kind of diffusing light all around it. It’s almost as if there’s a bit of white pigment in there; not enough to make it chalky, but enough to allow the red pigment to truly shine through on the lips. It’s completely opaque in one layer, and the formula is so light you can hardly feel it on your lips (we reckon it doesn’t contain any of the waxes that normal lipsticks need to adhere), and with a layer of Lipcote it remains gorgeously sealed and velvety all day.

We really, really love this lippie, so much so that it’s become our go-to red for the moment! And of course, as usual, to win it plus a Lipcote simply enter via the Competitions App on our Facebook page!

Love, Lipcote x