Romance in Rouge!…A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Brand Name: Lancome

Lipstick Colour: 047 Rouge Rayonnant

Price: £22.50

Lipcote Rating: 3/5

As Paris Fashion Week closed its catwalks last week, we felt this ode to all things pretty and Parisian from Lancome was the perfect choice for review this week! With a cute Eiffel tower, floral and lips gold illustration on the slinky black casing, this lipstick certainly looks expensive and classy. The lid is also magnetic giving you a satisfying click when it pulls shut.

Inside the bullet is housed in a gold tube, showcasing the coral red shade nicely. As we are not often fans of lipsticks with shimmer, we were a bit dubious about the iridescent nature of Rouge Rayonnant, but on the lips it gives a subtle pink shimmer that doesn’t look too tacky. The final effect with a slick of Lipcote is just about shiny enough to hit the gloss trend on the head without looking too vulgar.

Although a high profile lipstick from we a name we can trust, the overall effect was a little disappointing in terms of boldness of colour. However, the super moisturising ‘replenishing molecule’ Pro-Xylane leaves the mouth feeling smooth and comfortable after long wear, perfect for those seeking more hydration from their lipstick.

The colour is somewhere between a coral and a red, with both pink and yellow influence. Due to its ultra nourishing quality, you need to blot well between layers leaving you a sheer, shimmery finish. A point to consider is the fragrance which is reminiscent of parma violets and might be too much for some, but definitely adds to the old school glamour personality of this range. Overall, this lipstick is certainly novel, and one that will stand proud on your dresser. x