Rouge In Love… A Valentine’s Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 4, 2015


Brand Name: Lancome Rouge In Love lipstick

Colour: Rouge In Love

Price: £21.00

Lipcote Rating: 4.7 / 5

Lancome have just launched this lipstick range, by Emma Watson, who we got a peek of when she made an appearance in Selfridges this afternoon!

We chose the shade Rouge In Love, as it’s the shade Emma wears in the advert, and it fits perfectly for our Valentine’s giveaway! It’s a bright red, with just a hint of coral, which makes it super flattering and warm on the skin. The formula is creamy and has a lovely sheen when applied, so make sure to use your Lipcote to not only keep the colour fresh, but also the satiny finish. The case is luxurious, and incredibly French-chic looking in keeping with the brand. This lipstick is also great for using as a cream blush – dab a tiny bit onto your cheeks using your fingers, and blend it out until it’s smooth and dewy for the healthiest glow. Now read on for Emma’s thoughts on the line…

At Selfridges this afternoon, Emma talked about how she loved Lancome as she relates to the brand, having been born in Paris. She admitted her favourite item was the lipsticks, and suggested that she would wear a coral colour in the morning, a pink in the afternoon, and change to red in the evening. She also mentioned that there’s a range of nail varnishes – Vernis In Love – that have corresponding shades to the lipsticks, which is always nice for looking extra polished! She was looking gorgeous, as ever, in a black Valentino dress and the coral lipstick she’d recommended.

We really love this lippie, and you can win it, along with a gorgeous Tatty Devine sparkly heart necklace, a bottle of Lipcote, and a cinema voucher for 2 in our Valentine’s giveaway! Just go to our Facebook page for details of how to enter. And of course, Happy Valentine’s Day for Tuesday!

Love, Lipcote x