Tans a go go with Tangelo!….A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Lipstick Brand: Make Up Store

Lipstick Colour: Tangelo

Price: £12.00

Lipcote Rating: 4/5

The Swedish brand Make Up Store is one that we’ve visited before, to try their signature lipstick line. Now that the trend for lipstick crayons, pencils and the like is firmly in fashion, we decided to try their so called lipstick ‘pen’. Only going by the name, you may assume that this is a liquid lipstick formula, however it’s less pen and more like a chunky pencil, with a hefty amount of lipstick on the end to cover the whole mouth in mere seconds!

We really love the packaging of this brand, and have previously sung the praises of its Carnaby Street store, enticing you in with rows of swanky matte black packaging. The lipstick pen has a lovely textured matte lid and colour coded end, reminding us of MAC and generally coming across as a close match to the classic cult US brand.

The shade we chose, ‘Tangelo’ is a sensuous and warm orange, a great tomato red that would suit skintones with yellow undertone to them best. Perfect as the summer heatwave continues, this colour will look very striking against a tan! One slight gripe about this was due to its true opaqueness, the formula feels a little drying as it acheives its matte effect, but as long as you make sure lips are well prepped and moisturised, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. After a couple of blots, Lipcote ensured no colour transfer for hours.

In our eyes, the Make Up Store is a very underated brand, and one that we are definitely going to give more of a chance over the coming months. Let’s hope they release more exciting lipstick ranges for us to play with! X