The Glamour of Italian Fashion….Lipcote Review!

November 5, 2015


The Glamour of Italian Fashion: 1945-2014 Exhibition review


There’s no denying the instant connotations of Italian fashion. It has the power to evoke scenes of relaxed chic, tailored cool, and quality dressing with sex appeal and most importantly, glamour!

To date, there has not been a major exhibition on Italy post WWII and this is exactly what the V&A has brought to London this spring. As aspirational and inspiring as ever, old powerhouses of couture dressing for socialites and celebrities in the ‘La Dolce Vita’ era of the 1960s sit comfortably alongside the beautiful and innovative designs of new classics such as Versace and Dolce & Gabanna.

Some favourites for us at Lipcote were gorgeously detailed cocktail dresses from relatively forgotten designers such as Roberto Capucci, and the iconic short playsuit from Pucci; bearing a print we can still imagine strutting along a beach today if we could!

The overall impression we were left with was how craftsmanship and tailoring are still such important points to consider when investing in seasonal pieces, with huge respect still totally apparent towards Italian influencers in the world of fashion and beauty. After the war, Italy was in economic and political crisis, needing a revival of their national identity that other countries could buy into.  The ‘Made In Italy’ campaign is great proof of this, started over 50 years ago and still as fashionable a statement today.

As the event is sponsored by Bulgari, there’s a certain set of emerald and diamond jewellery gifted to none other than Elizabeth Taylor on display, that we couldn’t take our eyes off! We definitely recommend this exhibition if you are near London until 27th July.  x