True-To-You Red! A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 4, 2015


Brand Name: DuWop Private Red Self Adjusting Lipstick

Colour: Red

Price: £19

Lipcote Rating: 4.2 / 5

DuWop describe their products as being ‘modern beauty solutions’, and we’d have to say that they may be on the right track with this self adjusting lippie…

Private Red is one of a series – there’s also Private Plum and Private Nude. The idea is that any woman can apply the lipstick and then in the first 5 minutes of wear the colour adjusts to perfectly suit the wearer. This, in theory, is genius as it takes all the guess-work out of choosing the perfect red, but in reality it’s slightly different to that. Of course, the lipstick can’t actually SEE the wearer’s skin tone, so it can’t be as precise as a makeup artist! It does, however, contain ingredients that react with the acidity and temperature of the lips to subtly change the tone of red, ranging from bright orange to deep brick red. We found that this, for the most part, works pretty well. On one olive-skinned member of our team it turned a rich tomato-red, whilst on a darker skinned tester it went more berry toned, and yet on our final tester, a fair skinned blonde it was a true pillar-box shade. And we could definitely see the change from when it was first applied to five minutes into wearing it. The finish is matte and it’s beautifully pigmented so needs only one swipe to cover lips evenly – any more and it can look a bit heavy. And it works great with Lipcote – we applied the lippie, blotted, waited for five minutes to see the colour change and then applied a sweep of Lipcote, and it held up all day.

We’re intrigued by this lipstick, and can’t help but try it on as many people as we can get our hands on to see what colour it turns! And although it’s not always what they would think of as their perfect shade of red, for the most part it creates pretty successful lip-looks! Look out for it in the next giveaway when our Bumper Beauty competition closes…

Love, Lipcote x