Vibrant Victory! A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 4, 2015


Brand Name: Sensai by Kanebo Rouge Vibrant Cream Colour Lipstick

Colour: VC04

Price: £25

Lipcote Rating: 4.3 / 5

Kanebo is a Japanese makeup brand. This line of lipsticks was inspired by Kasane – the Japanese art of layering different coloured translucent kimonos – and this beautiful sounding inspiration, along with the gorgeous array of colours, meant we just had to try them for ourselves…

We decided to try shade VC04, a pretty classic red with neutral undertones. The ultra creamy formula just glides on, a bit like a very thick body butter, but once on our lips it had a soft satin finish. The pigmentation is fantastic – it really is a one swipe lippie – and when we blotted it, it simply seemed to remove a bit of the moisture, rather than any of the colour. Two coats, blotted between and then with Lipcote applied on top, was enough to make it last all day and well into the evening. We also love the seemingly unperfumed formula, which makes a nice change from all the scents we usually find, but also means it’s perfect for anyone who’s very sensitive to fragrance in cosmetics. The packaging is classic and chic, exactly what we’d expect from an upmarket Japanese brand, and the range of bold colours in this line is perfect to choose one to suit every mood.

We’re impressed with this lipstick, and we’ll be saving it as a special occasion red due to its great classic shade and how comfortable it is to wear! And don’t forget that we’re updating our competitions, so this isn’t available to win this week, but if you keep a look out you’ll see it included in a bumper beauty giveaway with loads of other goodies when our new competition format arrives!

Love, Lipcote x