Waterproof Your Makeup!

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We thought we’d seen the last of blue skies and Mediterranean style heatwaves in little Blighty this year, but apparently not! Looking good in blazing hot sunshine can most of the time leave us trying to rectify a face full of melted off makeup by lunchtime, usually ironically when trapped in the confines of public transport, another man-made oven scenario. Whether countryside bound or living it up in the city, we’re constantly on the hunt for products that work hard to keep things in place, alongside Lipcote and Browcote of course.

The main issue isn’t the beautiful summer rays however, although sunscreen to protect skin is a must. No, unfortunately, it’s the inevitable by-product of gorgeous weather- sweat. No matter how sophisticated we may be, naturally those pesky beads of perspiration can ruin the foundation, mascara, lipstick or brow product we’ve so carefully applied. It may also be that you want to stay fabulous poolside or even in the water for a cooling dip, and why the hell not!

Taking inspiration from our synchronised swimming team at the Rio Olympics this year (didn’t they look AMAZING), plus a whole host of other Olympic athletes who proudly kept their warpaint on during games, we have tracked down a few current favourites that will prime and fix your look all day, despite the shine.


Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Spray, 100ml £16.00


Ok, so a ‘water spray’ counterintuitively doesn’t immediately say ‘waterproof’. However, the mineral salts in this dinky bottle help rejuvenate skin’s cellular activity and when spritzed over makeup help fix and refresh at the same time. At 100ml this can be taken in hand luggage so your face can stay plump and moisturised after the dreaded in-flight air con. An all round winner from us!

Dermablend Total Body Coverage Corrective Foundation £29.75

FDT_Correcteur Total Corp-Pack Ferme-N° 018

A little on the pricey side but boy, this is a seriously impressive formula. Specially created for those who want to cover scars, stretch marks, tattoos or other skin imperfections Dermablend have made their name as the best on the market. What’s great is that this has the added benefit of SPF15 and is truly rub, sweat and water resistant.

Nyx Full Throttle Waterproof Lipstick £5.50


Astonishingly good at resisting water, we put this through its paces and gave it a full five stars on the Lipstick Finder. Read the full review here.

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara, £17.50


Clinique are already pros at formulating ranges that are suitable for all skin types, so when we discovered a waterproof and smudge resistant mascara that was also perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, we celebrated! It’s not often you find a waterproof mascara that also maximises the look of your lashes and doesn’t flake off, which just goes to show how amazing beauty technology is nowadays…

Jane Iredale Powder Me SPF Sunscreen £27.50


Powder and sunscreen are not two words we ever thought would combine, but it’s here! This innovative product means you can pat broad spectrum spf30 powder over your makeup to set the look and is also water resistant up to 40 minutes. Powerful stuff.

Lipcote & Browcote


Of course remember that to completely finish any day or nightime look and to ensure confidence that lasts, lips and brows can be set with the help of our very own Lipcote & Browcote.