We’re Having a Tantrum!…A Lipcote Lipstick Review

November 5, 2015


Brand Name: Rimmel

Lipstick Colour: Tantrum

Price: £4.99

Lipcote Rating: 4/5



One of Lipcote’s fave brands, Rimmel, brings you their Lasting Finish lipstick range. We chose a classic cherry red to test with a name that packs a punch too, Tantrum.


This blue-toned red is perfect for the party season and delivers a highly pigmented colour that is rich and smooth to apply. You only really need one, maybe two coats at most to whip up some serious colour attitude, perfect if you’re in the mood for a Tantrum!…Unfortunately, we noticed that it had more of a drying effect than we would have liked and it quickly left a few tell tale grooves on the lips once blotted a couple of times. However, the affordability of this lipstick coupled with its impressive staying power means this is certainly a reliable red to take you through many a long night out! Once Lipcote was applied, the effect was a lovely smooth satin and left no marks on cups or cutlery when eating and drinking throughout the day.


The packaging is sturdy and recognisable with its slanted lid and crown imprint on the top. The actual bullet itself has a very sharp point making application easy if you are not a fan of lip brushes. The sweet smell may not be popular with all, as it’s quite floral and we’ve noticed before with Rimmel that this can leave us with a bit of an old fashioned impression. However, there’s no denying that this range can compete with other more expensive brands as the colours are diverse and means you can try out multiple looks without damaging the purse strings! X