his week, get to know Ally, an account manager and Vlogger.

Whilst studying for an Accounting and Finance degree, Ally discovered the beauty Youtube community and didn’t look back. Since then, her interest in make-up and fitness has led to a dedicated following on Instagram and a changing career path to develop her make-up skills full-time. Encouraging us to try new looks and to enjoy experimenting with them, when it comes to lipstick and brow power, Ally depends on Lipcote and Browcote to keep her look in check, ready to face whatever the day brings.


Ally Freeman


Beauty & Fitness Instagrammer and Account manager for a makeup brand. I also have a beauty and fitness Instagram page where I do makeup tutorials and talk about all my favourite products! 

How long have you been doing your job?

2 years

What made you get into it?

I have been working in beauty for nearly two years but have been passionate about it for so many more years than that. When I was doing my Accounting and Finance degree I discovered the beauty YouTube community, was instantly drawn in and have been obsessed ever since!

I love Lipcote because…

It helps me look perfect all day

I love Browcote because…

it keeps brows stay in place all day!

I love…

Jamie Genevieve’s makeup and sense of style. She could recommend a brick to me and I’d go out and buy it!

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