eet Amanda, Personal Stylist and Mum of three!

Balancing work as a stylist and home life can be hard at times, but Amanda’s unique style and statement lips seem to be perfect motivation to embrace our individuality. Having three kids, Amanda is always on the move between seeing clients and doing the school run, and loves that Lipcote ensures her look stays put through grabbing coffees on the go. Making sure that her brows and lips are done keeps her confidence in check, which has a knock-on effect with her clients, to help them feel their best too. Amanda makes us feel relaxed about trying new styles and getting to know what suits us, all the while having fun!



Job Title/ Profession:

Stylist and Mum of Three

How long have you been doing your job?

Ten years

What made you get into it?

I’ve always loved fashion from a very young age and from college went to work for the Arcadia group. It all flowed from there really.

I love Lipcote because…

It gives me confidence.

I love Browcote because…

It makes me feel special.

I love…

Audrey Tatou’s look because she is to me the epitome of femininity. She exudes confidence in her look and the way she dresses, and on top of all that is an outstanding actress.

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