eet Belinda, Owner of The Painted Lady Salon and long-time Lipcote lover!

Over the years that Belinda has made London her home, originating from New Zealand, her hair salon has cemented its reputation in Shoreditch as a destination for quality cuts, colour and styling. Aptly named The Painted Lady, the inviting salon is now as well known as the beautiful tattoo designs that adorn Belinda herself. Her skills have been so in demand that she’s even written a book, ‘Style Me Vintage’. We have chosen Belinda as a long-time friend of Lipcote – the epitome of someone who takes inspiration from the classic beauties and brings them up to date. We love her retro inspired fashion tinged with a certain laid back bohemian edge.




 Job Title / Profession:

Salon owner at the Painted Lady

How long have you been doing your job?

Fifteen years… eeeek!

What made you get into it?

I have always loved fashion and styling. When I was 18 I was a model for a hairdressing competition and I loved the glitz and glamour, so thought it would be a great career path.

I love Lipcote because…

It helps lock in the bright coloured lipstick that I so love wearing, to stay on all day.

I love Browcote because…

Brows are the new lips. It keeps them in place and flawless all day long!

I love…

The nonconformist look of Lady Gaga because she is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and take risks. She is a trend setter, expressing herself not only through her music but through her way of dressing and speaking out for the things she be believes in. Her confidence is contagious, which genuinely inspires me. A strong independent woman.

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