e are so excited to feature superstar beauty scientist and entrepreneur Florence this week!

Having seen her homegrown lipstick brand MDMflow go from strength to strength over the past few years, we admire how Florence’s 90s era influence flows through her handmade formulas in show-stopping shades, each one encased in a gold bullet that means business! A long-term friend of the brand, Florence loves how Lipcote complements to keep lip colour fresh.



Job Title / Profession:

Cosmetic Scientist / Founder of MDMflow

How long have you been doing your job?

Four years

What made you get into it?

A passion for art and science and being obsessed with the transformative nature of beauty products.

I love Lipcote because…

We have collaborated since the beginning of MDMFlow. Lipcote compliments my lipsticks perfectly.

I love Browcote because…

It keeps my brows on, being super light and easy to apply


Rihanna’s look because she isn’t afraid to make bold statements with her look!

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